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  1. Hey Robbie,
    I really like the updates that you made to The Flood. I think that I read your original blog post about it so it was kinda cool to see it for a second time with some revisions. I was a big fan of how you showed what a day on the Ark was like. I thought that it helped give some light to some of the deaths that happened in the story. I like that you also talked about how people in this story had lives that lasted up to a thousand years and I thought that was really cool and interesting. I wonder if there would be any way you could add to how they got civilization restarted again and what they could do to stop it from happening again now that there was a single family and a pair of each animal. I think you did a fantastic job with this story and I wanted to let you know.

  2. Hi Robbie, The whole story was a great summarization but I really enjoyed the brief look at how a day might have been spent. When I heard this story originally as a child, I was worried about the sea creature because I hadn't grasped that it was all water. It is nice to see them appear in the story. The image was perfect and I like how your portfolio is set up. The only suggestions I have are that you might consider renaming the story in the page name to The Flood like it is on your story instead of Story 1. Also when I tried your link to get to your comment page it led me somewhere else to another part of the blogger platform. I got here from the link that was on the assignment page instead. Overall I had a lot of fun reading this retelling and would like to revisit to see what type of additions you might make over time. You might not need it but you could go into what the dove sees on his scouting mission.

  3. I enjoyed reading this story over all. It was very descriptive and had beautiful imagery. I would not change any of the imagery, but I would suggest adding more in there because it seems to really work with this story. You could also add some dialogue. You could put this at the beginning when Noah is warning people or while Noah and his family are on the arc. I would also say an introduction would help explain more about why you chose this story in particular. Although I did enjoy reading the story, a couple of creative twists would help continue making it enjoyable. I went to Catholic grade school so this story is all too familiar for me, but just because I know, about it doesn't mean other people do. That is why you should make it super interesting to help drawer readers in. Overall though, great work, it is a good start.

  4. Hi, Robbie! I read both your stories and love how in the first about 'Noah's Ark' you added your own personal touch and extra layers to the story. I feel like I can sit my kids around me and read it to them, and it would captivate their attention as you've spun such detail into your rendition. The second one with Sinbad -- I feel you really captured his voice while writing it in first person, and he feels like a real person. Also that cliffhanger you ended with, when you wrote, "Did I run into any problems? Oh yes but that is a story for another time" makes me want to hear more! One small thing is that having the pictures on top of the page might set the scene of the story before instead of after, and the image used for the Sinbad story is blurry. Really minor stuff. Thanks for writing such wonderful stories!


  5. Hi Robbie!

    You’ve written a couple of great stories there! Your portfolio looks good, but I would suggest maybe changing the page titles from “Story 1” to the title of your story? I think it will complete your portfolio site and make it look more clean! I enjoyed reading “The Flood;” it was great to see the details you added without straying too far from the original story. It was very descriptive and I could imagine the story in my own head. I liked in the second story, “Sindbad,” how you somewhat modernized the character and made him more relatable. He definitely seems like an interesting person, especially with his crazy adventures. It was a quick story, so I thought, what if you added some dialogue to balance with Sinbad’s narration? Maybe in the scene where Sinbad washes onto a shore of a new island and meets the man is where dialogue could be added. I think the ending is cool--how you left it as kind of a cliffhanger for another story to tell!


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