Reading Notes Week 6: Raja Rasulu Part A

(The dark well: the well)
 I like how this story starts out with a king and 2 queens. I love this because there is so much a writer is able to do because we can add a jealousy aspect to the story. They did just that in this particular story. I gathered a lot of good ideas from reading this story and would have so much fun rewriting it in a new creative way. I found it interesting that instead of taking action on her own, the jealous queen altered the kings mind and made him hate his own son and become jealous of him. He ended up ordering his hands and feet be cut off and thrown into a well. There is already so much jealousy throughout this story and I love it. After the son is thrown into the well, I can come up with so many different ideas to how the son can enact revenge on his father. Overall, this was a really fun story to read and  these are just a couple of my ideas on how I could change the story up when I potentially rewrite it. Bibliography: Raja

Week 5 Story: Sindbad

I was a party animal. My family was rich and I was living my best life off of my inheritance. All the ladies, all the booze, anything you could imagine and life couldn't get much better. I was living everyone's dream until one terrible day when my whole life would change forever. It was a Tuesday morning, I remember it like it was yesterday, and I woke up with a massive hangover. I roll out of bed, check my safe, and realize I only have a fraction of the money that I started out with. This was not a good sign and something had to change. I did not know what to do because I had never had to work before. I had a moment where I freaked out but eventually I came up with a plan. I was going to sell everything and join a group of merchants that trade by sea. This could be fun right? Constant adventure by sea, who knows what this new life could bring!First VoyageMe and the crew set sail for the East Indies. This was a routine trip and we were hoping to make some good trades and sale…

Reading Notes Week 5: Sindbad Part B

Sindbad continues to supply me with interesting adventure stories. This guy continues to explore even after all of his terrifying encounters and close death experiences. The writing used in these stories is amazing and constantly provides the audience with specific details as well as pure entertainment. I love everything about these stories and would love to come up with something like one of these. I love adventure and I think I could use some of the cool ideas from this story and make a new one that would turn out pretty good. It would be difficult to make them even remotely as good as the original but it would be fun to try and be as creative as the author was for these stories. Overall, I loved reading these and I am glad I chose to read Sindbad. (Sixth Voyage: Rene Bull)
Bibliography: "Sixth Voyage" by Andrew Lang Arabian Nights Entertainments

Reading Notes Week 5: Sindbad

When reading Sindbad's first voyage, I loved how the story started. It starts with Sindbad inheriting a large wealth of money and being irresponsible as a young man and wasting a good portion of his wealth. I really like when stories start out this way because it shows normal human nature especially when the person is young and irresponsible. Another part of the introduction I liked was the fact that he recognized his mistakes and decided to try and figure out how we was going to save his money so he had some left when he was older. Furthermore, I loved the twist they threw in where they mention an island and it turns out to be the back of a massive whale! This story does a great job demonstrating creativity in writing. After Sindbad gets thrown off the whale, he hits the water and miraculously floats to another island that is actually an island. At the new island, a man stumbles upon him and leads him to the rest of the inhabitants. Sindbad finds safety there with the inhabitant…

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Week 4 Story: Creation

In the beginning there was nothing and the earth was filled with darkness. One day, God decided that he would make the earth full and have life. After 7 days of creating the earth, God decided to create a man. He gathered the dust and wind and created a man from his own creation. The Lord had created a beautiful garden full of any food the man could ever dream of. The man lived in paradise and one day God decided to make him a companion. On this day, God took a rib from the man and created a woman. Her name was Eve. The two would do everything together and had the entire Garden of Eden to themselves. In these simple times, God only had one rule for the both of them. The rule was to never eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. This seemed like a simple task; however, it is human nature to want things you are told not to have. One day, satan took form as a slithery snake and tricked the woman into eating the forbidden fruit. After the woman ate the fruit, she convinced Ad…

Reading Notes Week 4: Adam and Eve part B

Reading part B of Adam and Eve is very interesting. It explains not only why but also how they were forced out of the garden and also where they were allowed to go. I found the reasoning to be quite interesting. This also made me think what it would have felt like to have been forced out of the only place you knew and no you have to figure out how to live in this massive world. Imagine having to start off with nothing and no clue how to survive. It is amazing to me that this creation is so intricate and beautiful. I thought it was very nice that God allowed Adam and Eve to live and explore this world but promised them that no beast of the earth would try to eat them. He forced them to start a new life but still cared enough to protect him from the other dangerous animals that were no longer friendly after they sinned. What I have made note of from all of this is to add detail and creativity. The thing I like most about all of this is how it started because satan came to them in the ga…